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These shots above are of a 1967 Triumph Bonneville for the Home market.

I recently came across the website of photographer Howard Grey and wanted to share some of his Motorcycle images from the mid 1960’s with my blog readers. Howard Grey’s photographic career spans over 50 years in which he specialized in Advertising and Commercial photography. The images seen here were taken for Triumph as promotional material. To me these they take on a different feeling 45 or so years later as the span of time has made them historical images not just.

As a restorer of these fine machines striving for correctness in my work there is simply nothing better than seeing factory shots that display how these bikes were assembled. I contacted Mr Grey and he kindly gave permission for me to share some of the images. His website, has a stunning archive of his work and I would encourage you all to have a good browse through it. Prints of his images are available for sale on the website. Thanks to him for allowing the use of these historical shots and full credit is given to him for every image presented here and I must ask that if any of these images are copied that you have the respect to contact Mr Grey for permission. 

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