Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1968 Paul Dunstall Cafe Racer Equipment

If you were a Rocker in the 1960's it would be likely that Paul Dunstall was one of your suppliers of parts for your Caff Racer. This 1968 Catalog displays complete Bikes as well as Accessories and Speed Equipment.

Dunstall would custom build new Triumph and Nortons in his own special way, in the 1970's Japanese Bikes would become the focal point of his operation, Kawasaki Z1's Honda CB750 and such.

Accessory Racing Tanks were a must, available in Fiber Glass and Alloy.

Rear Set Foot Controls allow more comfort when laying over the Tank grabbing hold of a pair of Clip On Bars.

Twin Hydraulics back in the 1960's, the British Bike industry would catch up to Hydraulic Disc Brakes in the 1970's although I do not believe any production Triumph or Norton ever came with twin discs up front.

Twin Carburetor Manifolds conveniently made it possible to convert the Single Carb TR6 head into one that accommodates Twin Carbs without having to change the Cylinder Head, very popular today.

For a detailed history of Dunstall Motorcycles check out http://www.woodgate.org/dunstall/history

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ton Up Triton

The Triton, Triumph Power mated to Norton Handling to create the perfect Hybrid, Triton's started to show up in England during the mid 1950's, mostly put together in the back yard sheds of wannabe Ton Up Lads striving for the machine that will put them in front of the pack. To me the Triton is the ultimate Cafe Racer, built specifically for the task in hand, to be the fastest. My Triton is the result of a 4 year build which began in 1992, taking so long mainly because of lack of funds which ended up being a blessing in disguise, it allowed me the time to think about exactly how I wanted it to look, based on the famous Norton Manx, this machine has given me around 15000 miles of pleasure to date, it has never left me stranded although I do recall having to push her once in a while! My Triton is the Bike I have owned longer than any other and obviously has a special place in my collection.

Basically the Slimline Featherbed Frame is from a 1967 Atlas and the Motor is a 1960 Pre Unit TR6 fitted with a 750cc Big Bore Kit, the engine is mostly stock, I prefer the stock engine with minor modifications for reliability as a apposed to full on race engine which would be less practical for street use, my goal was to get a bike that would crack the ton and this bike certainly has obliged.

Cafe Racer unwritten law states the Clocks must be at the highest point of the machine, this pair of Chronometric Clocks are a neat feature, 140MPH!

Tank is a genuine Alloy Short Track Manx, 3-1/2 Gallons.

Not as minty as when it was first built, this bike now has it share of minor battle scars which I do not mind, a machine that looks used usually has a story to tell, rather than others I have seen that spend too much time in the back of a pickup truck or Trailer.

Lucas K2F Magneto was replaced after 10,000 miles with an Electronic Ignition I fabricated from Norton Commando and Triumph Thunderbird parts, the only problem meant I am reliant on the Battery positioned behind the 4-Speed Triumph Gearbox, if kept charged up this is not really an issue.

Home made Alloy Engine plates position the Engine in just the right place, I favor the Pre Unit Engine for the ultimate Triton, the Unit Engine gets lost in the Featherbed and often ends up being all Engine Plate.

Stopping power from the 4-Leading Shoe Front Brake from the old '72 Suzuki Triple, a great Brake, very affordable at the time of purchase, quite a bit of work to get between the Norton Roadholder Forks but I t can be done.

Parked outside a local watering hole, if you ever find yourself in Highland Park, nip into Johnny's on York Blvd for a very refreshing Mug of Stella!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1970 Triumph Bonneville T120R

This 1970 Triumph Bonneville is the latest Bike I have restored, completed and sold last December, this was the result of many hours spent in the Shop getting things right. The 1970 Bonneville is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the famous British Twin, this was the last year the 650cc was offered in it's traditional form before undergoing major changes for the '71 season that can only be described as a bad mistake. The Bonneville was introduced in 1959 and underwent changes on a yearly basis, by 1970 they had it sorted, excellent handling, braking and engine improvements that were truly beneficial.

1970 Bonnevilles were finished in Astral Red with Silver Scallops lined in Gold.

Handsome lines compliment this classic Roadster.

Twin Leading Shoe Front Brake provides plenty of stopping power.

Underseat view displays Battery Storage area.

Scallops were introduced in this fashion on Tanks in 1969, a clear American influence.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1940's Vintage Motorcycle Racing Photographs Set3

Set 3 of the 1940's Racing Photographs include more Dirt Track Action, British and American machines competing for glory.

Trackside repairs, dodgy lighting and all, most of the racing events were night time affairs. Portrait below features an unidentified Indian Rider before a race.

Harley Riders tearing it up, period Jerseys are now fetching a good penny, Leathers or Levis with Lineman Boots was the Clothing of choice.

Neat shot of the starting line, Harley Ariel Single and Indian, looks like 243 on the back line needs a bump start.

I thinks this is a BSA Gold Star, not sure though.

J.A.P. Powered Speedway Racer.

Damaged goods?

Sideways into the bend not forgetting to avoid the bloody great wooden fence.

Signed portrait of Chuck Basney on a 1930 Rudge.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1953 Lewis Leathers Catalog.

Original D.Lewis Clothing Catalog, 5th (enlarged) edition from 1953, includes 34-pages featuring the largest range of Motor Cycling, Motoring and Flying Outfits, includes Aviakit, and Trackstar Helmets, Leather Jackets, Trousers, Boots, Gloves, Goggles, Racing and Flying Suits, Coats and loads more cool stuff. Always had a soft spot for Lewis Jackets as well as Mascot and Belstaff, I will be posting some cool Jackets from England and US manufacturers such as Buco, Langlitz, Schott, Bates and Cal Leathers in the future.

Cover graphics promote the pure excitement of Motorcycling and Aviation, Lewis provided the best protection against the elements, like many things British, class and sophistication shines through!