Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1940's Vintage Motorcycle Racing Photographs Set3

Set 3 of the 1940's Racing Photographs include more Dirt Track Action, British and American machines competing for glory.

Trackside repairs, dodgy lighting and all, most of the racing events were night time affairs. Portrait below features an unidentified Indian Rider before a race.

Harley Riders tearing it up, period Jerseys are now fetching a good penny, Leathers or Levis with Lineman Boots was the Clothing of choice.

Neat shot of the starting line, Harley Ariel Single and Indian, looks like 243 on the back line needs a bump start.

I thinks this is a BSA Gold Star, not sure though.

J.A.P. Powered Speedway Racer.

Damaged goods?

Sideways into the bend not forgetting to avoid the bloody great wooden fence.

Signed portrait of Chuck Basney on a 1930 Rudge.

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