Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1952 Triumph Thunderbird

Rigid Frame Triumphs (manufactured prior to 1954) are among the best of them all, my old Thunderbird from 1952 is a machine that I have owned for around 10 years after importing from a dealer in Australia where it was dispatched to from the Triumph Factory back in 1952.
All home and general export machines during 1952 were subject to a nickel restriction due to the Korean War, therefor these models came with limited amounts of Chrome Plating, Wheels and Handlebars that usually came bright were covered in Paint, Spokes and all.
The famous Head Lamp Nacelle houses the Speedometer, Ammeter and Light Switch.
The Rigid Frame is given some suspension via the Sprung Hub, this allows about an inch of up and down travel within the rear wheel.

The Twinseat was introduced as an optional extra in 1952, I switch from this to the solo Lycett Saddle once in a while.
Period License Plates are a must on my old Classics Bikes.
SU Carburetor and BTH Magneto, I love the old SU, why many people replaced it with an Amal I do not know.

Still with it's original Tyre Pump, no chance of me fixing a puncture on the side of the road, no need for that nonsense anymore, get the cell phone out and call for help in that event!
A fantastic Engine design that remained basically the same for decades, this old bike is getting up to 80,000 miles and still runs very well, mostly reliable with most grief coming from the dim Lighting. A machine that I would have a really hard time selling and would certainly miss, this is the same machine that I took the missus out on on our first date but that is another story altogether!!

Currently part of the stable of Bikes at Ton Up Classics, this machine is available for Photo Shoots and Movie Work, email for details.

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  1. There is an old man on his death bed in Camden N.S.W. that us to own one of these bikes brand new, if there is someone out there with a big heart, he would love to see one of these bike again, please contact Robert Simpson @ robert_john@consultant.com if you can help.