Thursday, June 24, 2010

1952 Triumph Motorcycle Brochure

1952 Was a terrific year for Triumph range, as the first page of the catalog states, Performance, Stamina and Quality.
Pictured below the Thunderbird came in a polychromatic blue. What a great looking bike with power to match the handsome lines, like I have said before on this blog, rigid frames are where it's at.
Traditional models such as the Tiger 100 and Speed Twin were the 500cc Twins of the range as well as the sporting TR5 Trophy.
The previously mentioned TR5, , quite different to the Road models, a lightweight 500cc Twin that competed nicely in Trials and Scrambles events, pictured here alongside some of the features of the line including the Sprung Hub, a method of rear suspension that incorporated a large heavy Spring Box within the Wheel Hub, now famous Headlamp Nacelle that housed the Speedometer, Ammeter, Lighting Switch and Kill Button all in a tidy Headlamp enclosure, the Alloy Cylinder as used on TR5 Models, the detachable rear Fender for easy Wheel Removal and the Racing Kit available to boost power on any Twin.

The Best Motor Cycle in the world, some may argue but more will agree.....

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