Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1947 Triumph Tiger 100 & Dusting Sidecar

Here is a selection of photographs of my 1947 Triumph Tiger 100 and Dusting Sidecar. This outfit has been together since the 40's. Triumph obviously of English origin, Dusting Sidecars were from Australia. This Car's serial number dates it from the mid 1940's. Mounted on the left side it provides an additional thrill to those seated in the chair facing oncoming traffic and all!
Amazing that such a fine machine came off the production line in 1947, just 2 years after victory in Europe. The 500cc Vertical Twin provides plenty of power, easily pulling the Sidecar.

The Tiger 100 came in a Rigid Frame, 19" wheels front and back and Sprung Hub pretending to act as rear suspension (the rear Wheel Hub has a large box spring inside that allows a small amount of travel within).

One of the neatest features of these Post War twins is the Instrument Panel mounted in the middle of the Petrol Tank. This panel houses the Ammeter, Oil Pressure Guage, Lighting Switch and Trouble Light, pure class!!.
Fitted with the optional Smiths Revulator. This is a Speedometer and Tachometer combined, although by the time you work out the RPM's you would have probably ran into the car in front!
YOM License plate an essential part of any vintage Motor Cycle, those modern plates just don't cut it.

Riding or should I say driving this rig is a load of fun, keeps you on your toes and is completely different to riding a convention Motorcycle. Not been in the chair myself but those who have say it was an experience. I will take their word for it......
Available for Movie and Advertising rental.