Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Triumph Motorcycle Promotional Posters and Memorabilia

This collection of Triumph Motor Cycle promotional posters came my way at an auction of inventory from a closed down dealer, Brooks Cyclery in San Jose, they closed their doors back in 1984. A splendid collection of posters and banners. Here are they are in no particular order.
This Mobile is from 1967 and features excellent graphics, swinging sixties and all.
Below is a Poster printed in 1965 for the 1966 Bonneville, Precision, Power and Performance. Smashing colors on all these.
1967 Poster to celebrate Gary Nixon and Geo. Cunha's victories at Loudon and Laconia.
1969 Trident poster for victories at Willow Springs
Very cool double sided hanging Mobile from 1967 sent to dealers to display featuring Triumph Racers Eddie Mulder and Gary Nixon. Measures 21-1/2" across with excellent color graphics, opens out so when properly suspended it would be seen from any point of the dealers showroom.
This Mobile came in it's original box from Johnson Motors with it's mailing date of 1967.
Another 1966 poster, this one for the Tiger 100.

1963 Poster for the unit construction 650 Engine, also pictures are a Cub and Tiger 100.
1973 Line up of machines feature on this poster.
1965 Trophy TR6 pictured here as the proud owner looks on. Love the colors and graphics on this one.
Summer Clearance Poster, out with the old to get ready for next years models.
1965 Cycle World Competition Banner. This is a 5 foot high display which at one time had same size posters attached to tear off for a competition held by Cycle World magazine to win a 1965 Bonneville.
The late great Gary Nixon, this banner celebrates him being AMA National Champion, again!
Another Champion, Gene Romero,  raced Twins and Triples, featured here is 750 Trackmaster 750 Twin.
This poster from 1969 for the Bonneville, this is a full size image that was used in the brochure and many center spread magazine ad's.
Triumph racer Skip Van Leeuwen was another Champ, this one celebrates victory at Ascot Park, here in os Angeles.
Gallery of Triumph Champions, Gary Nixon, Skip Van Leeuwen, Dusty Coppage, Bob Leppan and Bill Baird.
Speed contest details Poster for a competition to be held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. 1969.
1968 Poster captures the spirit of the 1960's, cool racing images in the background.
Another of the Cycle, Cycle Guide and Cycle World poster.
1967 Gary Nixon victory at Portland Meadows.
This is a large window display poster for the Triumph Trident introduced in 1968.
1968 Line up of capacity's, basic but effective advertising.
Neat 1" Badge, A whole different feeling.
1968 The TR25W 250cc Single replaced the long serving Tiger Cub.
Gene Romero this time on a Trident, 157 mph, not too shabby.
Bill Baird was an Enduro champion, his preferred mount was the T100C 500cc twin.
This is the only 1950's item from the lot, Sal Scirpo winning the Jack Pine Enduro.
1969 Poster again with the six champions.
1960's action shot of the great Eddie Mulder, Champion rider from a very young age.
Streamliner and Cub.
Triumph were the Hot One for 1972. Below are 2 giant 4-feet tall posters that advertised the line up and features..