Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Triumph Pre Unit Twin, Tiger Cub and Ariel Motorcycle Frame Drawings

Here are some factory Frame drawings for Pre Unit Rigid and Swinging Arm Frame models, Tiger Cub models as well as Ariel Single, Twin and the Square Four. Don't think these have ever been published in any manuals unlike the Unit models which can be found in the factory Workshop Manuals. Click on the images for a full size view.

First up is the Tiger Cub T20 and Terrier T15 1954-1956.

Tiger Cub T20 and T20C 1957-1959.

1947-1953 Triumph 5T Speed Twin and Tiger 100, 1950-1953 6T Thunderbird Rigid Frames.

Triumph Swinging Arm Twins 1954-1959 (Do not include 21 and 5T/A models).

Triumph 21 and 5T/A 1958-1960.

1960 Triumph 6T Thunderbird, T110 Tiger, TR6 Trophy and Bonneville TR7 Duplex Frame.

Rigid Ariel Single and Twins 1947-1953.

Spring Frame Ariel Single and Twins 1947-1953.

1954-1959 Ariel Single and Twin Swinging Arm Frame.

Ariel Square Four 1947-1959.

Hope this information is useful to fellow Triumph and Ariel enthusiasts. Originally published in Johnson Motors Triumph/Ariel Dealers Meeting Notes, January 1960.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

1958 Triumph TR6 Trophy Desert Sled joins the pack.

This past Memorial Day was spent out in the Moreno Valley, just east of Riverside. I was out there to look at and complete a deal for this 1958 Triumph TR6 Desert Racer. Been wanting another of these since letting the last one go.

Set up in typical Desert Sled fashion with all street gear long removed, side stand chopped off to allow for the huge bash plate underneath to protect the Crank Cases from anything the Southern California Deserts could throw in it's the way.  

Bud Ekins Exhaust Pipes both up on the left side fixing to the front Engine Mounts and a Clip from the the Subframe at the rear.

Massive "cheater" Sprocket bolts directly to the stock brake drum/sprocket combo.

Riders view over the standard UK bend 1" Handlebar with a solitary Lucas Kill Button on the left side. Throttle has been shortened for a wider variety of grips.

Lucas K2FC Competition Magneto provides the Spark, a rewound armature and it'll be good to go.

Modified Oil Tank with an added Froth tower breather and trimmed down front.

Will be exciting to get into the Engine to see what is inside, Racing Pistons and lumpy Cams I bet....

Bates Racing Saddle, they must of sold tons of these back in the day....

I have already decided that I would like to restore this Sled to look as it did back in the day when it was about to do battle in the desert for the 1st time. The results on the 1957 Bike ( were very pleasing and think this will also look the business. Stay posted.....