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The Triton, Triumph Power mated to Norton Handling to create the perfect Hybrid, Triton’s started to show up in England during the mid 1950’s, mostly put together in the back yard sheds of wannabe Ton Up Lads striving for the machine that will put them in front of the pack.

To me the Triton is the ultimate Cafe Racer, built specifically for the task in hand, to be the fastest. My Triton is the result of a 4 year build which began in 1992, taking so long mainly because of lack of funds which ended up being a blessing in disguise, it allowed me the time to think about exactly how I wanted it to look, based on the famous Norton Manx, this machine has given me around 15000 miles of pleasure to date, it has never left me stranded although I do recall having to push her once in a while! My Triton is the Bike I have owned longer than any other and obviously has a special place in my collection.

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